Our Expertise

Protecting the Accused

If you suffer the unfortunate eventuality of an arrest, you will have a lot of questions. My firm is here to assist you.

I will explain the seriousness of the charges filed against you.

We will discuss the chances that the charges may be dropped or dismissed. You will be fully advised of the potential penalty and sentence if you are convicted.

The above answers vary greatly from case to case, even for people facing the same charges.

But because of the breadth of my experience in virtually every type of criminal case, I will personally meet with you to discuss your options to take a look at the facts of your case, your previous criminal record and the specifics of the law.

You will be satisfied that we helped you understand your rights.  Then, we can explore options for your representation, including discussing all of your defenses.

If you contact us from jail, we can then assist in preparing requests to the court to get bond and to get you released if possible. From the earliest stages of the case, I will represent you from the preliminary hearing stage, to indictment, motions and and trial.

If you were previously represented by another firm or counsel and you were convicted, I can also provide you with options for your post-conviction case or appeal.